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"Before the trip began we mapped out three primary goals: 1) to see and meet with our American troops, and thank them for their bravery and sacrifice; 2) to assess the security situation in Iraq; and 3) to give our support to Iraq's national unity government"
John Boehner
"I would love to go back and help rebuild that country and help - you know, kind of like what's going on with Iraq right now. You know, they've got a new government in place. They're trying to rebuild the country. I would love for that to happen in Cuba also"
Rafael Palmeiro
"The deterioration of a government begins almost always by the decay of its principles"
Charles de Secondat
"Back in 1983, the United States government approved the release of the first genetically modified organism. In this case, it was a bacteria that prevents frost on food crops"
Jeremy Rifkin
"We're getting job creation in healthcare and educational services. We've been getting that all along. It's demographically driven, it's funded by the government, and that's held up"
Mark Zandi
"I expect my next job to be outside government"
 John Engler
"My government, you can be assured, will be less focused on personalities. It is about treating people with respect. I think complaining about the community not being able to see the wisdom of our ideas is the wrong approach"
Jay Weatherill
"I leave it up to the government to make good decisions for Americans"
 Danica Patrick
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