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"Each new situation requires a new architecture"
 Jean Nouvel
"The architecture of our future is not only unfinished; the scaffolding has hardly gone up"
 George Lamming
"There will never be great architects or great architecture without great patrons"
 Edwin Lutyens
"Any work of architecture that has with it some discussion, some polemic, I think is good. It shows that people are interested, people are involved"
Richard Meier
"First, there is the bare beauty of the logs themselves with their long lines and firm curves. Then there is the open charm felt of the structural features which are not hidden under plaster and ornament, but are clearly revealed, a charm felt in Japanese architecture"
Gustav Stickley
"Architecture aims at Eternity"
 Christopher Wren
"Revived in this country the long forgotten beauties of Gothic architecture"
 James Wyatt
"Trying to describe something musical is like dancing to architecture, it's really difficult"
 Robert Palmer
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